Eco-Friendly Valet Services

Knight Eco Valet is a family run business.  We all have a passion for cars as well as the environment!

Creative & Innovative

Knight Eco Valet takes pride in being a leader in the field of eco-friendly valet services, especially in the light of the water crises countrywide. Whether we’re valeting a vehicle or steam cleaning a bathroom, “saving water” is always foremost on our agenda. When it comes to state-of-the-art technology and conscientious use of water we endeavour to stay updated on the latest methods and machinery.

Client Service

We’re in this business to take care of customer needs. Knight Eco Valet strives to offer the best eco-friendly car valeting you’ve ever had, in order to build lasting relationships.  We also take care of your home with our fabulous mobile steam-cleaning equipment. Visit our page and read more about the services we offer.


Eco-Friendly Valet Services


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Starting Up

Although we’re new in the business we have been blessed with regular clients in all aspects, and thanks to word-of-mouth and a successful advertising campaign we are growing daily.

Our goal is to create a brand of which we can be proud, and which will be handed down for generations to come. Creating jobs and training ambitious employees is exciting and part of our plan.

Knight Eco Valets

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Months in Business

Our Team

Meet the crew who are here to assist with enquiries, man the machines and love their jobs!

Megan Knight

Megan Knight


Gift Mthethwa

Gift Mthethwa

Front Line Supervisor

Washing your car in your driveway with a pipe is about one of the most ecologically unfriendly things you could do. The water that runs off your vehicle when you wash it has chemicals from harsh auto cleansing detergents along with gas, oil and residue from exhaust fumes.

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