Knight Eco Valet Services

Eco Valet Service

Ranging from mini valets and engine steam cleaning to a comprehensive vehicle wash, we offer the best eco valet service in town while helping to save the environment. Visit us and relax in our beautiful client zone while we take care of your vehicle.

Mobile Cleaning Service

Knight also offers a comprehensive range of steam cleaning services, tailor-made for individual client needs. From windows and tiles to carpets and upholstery, from boats and fridges to vinyl removal, we have the ideal cleaning solution for your specific requirements.

Leading Eco Valet Service in Mpumalanga

Purchase, rent or make use of our DRY STEAM sanitizing services and machines.
We are counting the days before returning back to our ‘normal lifestyles’.
Unfortunately life as we’ve known it, until we have the right medication and vaccines for COVID-19, will have its challenges. DRY STEAM TECHNOLOGY uses thermal shock, safe and innovative solution for the South African market.
Dry Steaming at temperatures of 140-185 degree Celsius, no bacterium of pathogenic germ survives DRY STEAM.
With multiple DRY STEAM machines in the range, there is always a machine for every job where sanitization is the highest priority. Cost effective and detergent free, a huge leap forward in the future of cleaning.
Super low water usage, easy operation and maintenance, unbelievably low running day to day running costs (10L/hour municipal water).

Professional Valet

We are proud of our competent and skilled staff, who are trained in all areas of car valeting and engine steam cleaning.


Affordable Services

We strive to offer the best service at the most reasonable rates possible. Together we can work towards saving water and treating the environment with care.


Reliable & Consistent

We guarantee consistent and reliable service, ensuring client satisfaction every time.  We only use quality products for top-class performance.

Work Ethics

We strive to offer the best car valeting you’ve ever had, in order to build lasting relationships. Customer feedback and input is always welcome and highly appreciated.

Remember to ask about our fantastic steam cleaning services!



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“A guy knows he’s in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days”